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No. 5-2004              May            Santee, CA

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Carlton Hills Evangelical Lutheran Church Council and Staff

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Darrel Timan

Vice President

Marie Freeman


Charlotte Arthurton

Financial Secretary

Laura Vaughan


Leslie Atkins


Tom Insel


Deanna Sampson


Linda Tomsick


Randy Catron

Christian Education

Kim Naour

Parish Education

Ed Teichner

Coordinator-Stephens Ministry


Our Mission Statement:

Strengthen Faith in Christ

Enlarge our Hearts

Energize for Mission

Stretch our Minds

Frank Gearhart

Rick Schowalter

Interim Pastors

Leslie Atkins

Jennifer Brown

Delores Ryden

Mutual Support

Committee Members

Mary Thomas

Prayer Chain, 334-6457

Jan Neuhaus

Music Director

Marsha Hamilton


Kathy Norris

Principal, Day School

Lauri O’Neil

Director, Preschool

Deanna Sampson

School Bookkeeper

Pr. Molly Knutson-Keller

SDSU Lutheran Campus Pastor Julie & Terry Borchard

L.B.T. Missionaries

The blooper is one of my favorite forms of humor. Bloopers appear in newspapers, magazines and church bulletins. Often they give whole new meaning to a sentence. Like the item in the President’s Report of one church: “We as a congregation have achieved many accomplishments. We have been truly blessed in our missions and ministry. All of the broads have done an excellent job.” We can assume the typist meant “all of the boards…”

Recently someone spotted a sign outside a church: Seven Springs Christian Church—Sunday Sermon Topic: Have you ever been to Hell? Visit us—Worship 9:00 & 11 a.m.” I doubt the intent was as it came across.

Text Box: Let’s Pray About ItChurch isn’t a bad place to be for most of us. In fact, some people actually like church. One pastor claims he knows why: “It’s the one place bad things can’t happen to people for one hour in the week. The toilet doesn’t get stopped up, the sink doesn’t run over, the phone won’t ring, and the school principal can’t call to say ‘I’ve got your so nor daughter here in the office.’ No downers can happen in church. The only price you pay for that time of bliss is the possibility of being bored, perhaps by the preacher. Well, as preachers we try not to bore.

Actually, church is not a bad place to be. We see our friends. Every once in a while we learn something new. And occasionally we get inspired to be better people. However, it is possibly true that our church is not as exciting as the first body of Christian believers.

When you look into the book of Acts, you see a Christian community that was very much alive. Just how important is that—to be very much alive? One denomination reported that only 25% of their members attended church on an average Sunday, then went on to compare those figures with Home Depot, the successful home remodeling store. Home Depot customers average thirty visits a year to that establishment. Why should Home Depot customers be more loyal than members of Christ’s church? The single answer given by the survey was customer service, being in touch with the needs of customers. The early church was indeed alive, active, and in touch with the needs of its members.

The second thing to note about the early church was that it was filled with love. These were people who cared about each other: “They will know we are Christians,” reminds the hymn, ‘by our love.” But there was one more thing: they had a vivid faith in the resurrected Christ. That is where they found their real power.

No, church is not a bad place to be—when it is alive, serving the needs of others, filled with love, and when there is a living faith in the power of the resurrected Christ. I believe that!—however many members still visit Home Depot more regularly than they come to worship. But still, what does that haunting Home Depot statistic say about us? Let’s pray about it.

Pastor Frank




A new Bible study and fellowship group is forming meeting every 2nd Tuesday of the month from 6:30-8:00 p.m. First meeting will be Tuesday May 11th at 6:30 p.m. in Acts Center. If interested in being part of this Bible Study Fellowship call Sara Paulsen 619-596-8214. Take time away from busy schedules to study and fellowship together in this very informal group. Already eight have expressed interest.



What are your favorite, familiar hymns that you love to sing? Please make a list and turn it in by placing it in the offering plate on Sunday or give it to Pastor Frank or Rick. Summer is a great time for us to dust off some of those old favorites and raise the roof making a joyful noise to the Lord.


All Carlton Hills Youth
Are Invited to “IT”

What is “IT”?

“IT” is a Lutheran Youth event at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Garden Grove, California. “IT” costs only $12.00 and includes the following:

·      Swimming at the church pool and volleyball

·      Boxing, Jousting and Tether Run Inflatables

·      Open stage where church youth groups will perform including several youth from Carlton Hills will perform

·      BMX and Skate Board demonstration

·      Group games

·      Worship led by a California Lutheran University outreach team

·      A concert by “Lost and Found” the most entertaining Lutheran musicians in the country in the opinion of Pastor Rick and many others

·      Each participant will receive a “IT Happens” T-shirt

·      Snack Food

When is “IT”?

“IT” is Sunday, May 16th from 2:30pm to 8:30pm. We will leave Carlton Hills at Noon and return by 10:00pm. We may have some who skip the Lost and Found concert and they will return by 7:30pm. Talk with Pastor Rick or Pam Myers if you want to go or you want more information.

There will be burgers provided by In and Out for an added cost.


Attention all Youth who like to
sing or play an instrument!!

Confirmation Worship Music Practice

Would you like to help the confirmands lead the confirmation worship service on Sunday, June 13th? There will be many guitars, a banjo and other percussion instruments that will lead the worship service that Sunday morning. There will be opportunities to sing contemporary Christian music and lead the congregation in that singing. There are many other roles in the service too!!

Practice will be Wednesday, May 12th, May 19th, June 2nd and June 9th from 7:30pm to 9:00pm.

The more that come the better it will sound. Please come when you can. The final practice will be at 7:00pm on Saturday, June 12th.


God’s Gifts Reward Party

Wednesday, May 26th
4:00pm – 8:00pm

God’s Gifts was AWESOME! Congratulations to Jeremy Naour and Ben Timan who learned 50 to 60 Bible verses. Wow!!

The big celebration party will be at Boomers in El Cajon. There will be unlimited Miniature Golf, Rock Wall, Kid’s County Fair and Blaster Boats. You will get very WET! We will meet at Carlton Hills at 4:00pm and we will be at Boomers from 4:30-6:30pm. At 6:30pm we will go to Pastor Rick’s house at 1630 Whitsett for a BBQ.

This will be for children and their parents and all the youth helpers.

The next session of God’s Gifts will be next September for the 10 weeks prior to Thanksgiving. Everything will be free unless you would like to help with the costs.


Camp Hope is Coming!!

See the enclosed registration form.

Camp Hope is a Christian Day camp that runs for 3 weeks at three different churches. The staff is made up of youth and adults from those three churches. What makes Camp Hope special is that it is a youth run camp where adults offer support rather than an adult run camp that is supported by youth. This makes Camp Hope high energy and soooo much fun.

This is a great event to invite the children you know who do not have a church home. The Camp Hope week at Carlton Hills is July 26-30. The camp day is from 9:30am-3:30pm with child care available 2 hours before camp and 2 hours after camp.


Update from your Transition Team.

Your transition team would like to bring everyone up to speed on our efforts and prayers during the past few months. Pastor Gordon Peterson from the Synod has met with us on two occasions to give us his prayerful guidance and methods on how to proceed in making a profound. yet gentle transition in preparation for making a call for a permanent pastor. In order to move forward we need to assess and come to terms with the history of our congregation. We are currently planning a “history event” where we will call upon all our members to provide mementos, photos, and stories of their membership at CHLC and share with each other where would we like to be in the future of our church.

We have been contacting members of the church whom we have not seen recently to see whether they wish to remain on our membership role and whether there are concerns or problems that can be addressed. Some folks have moved, changed their membership or just finding difficulty in attending services due to work schedules. It is essential that we present any prospective pastoral candidates with an accurate membership role.

Shortly, we will be announcing a series of cottage meetings wherein the transition team members can meet in small groups with our members to obtain their input on church needs, concerns, and priorities for our congregation.

Our goal is to present an initial draft of a Congregational Profile to the church council that will include an accurate membership role, special concerns of our members, expectations of any new pastor, our financial capabilities and the goals we expect to achieve in our future together with Christ. We thank you all for your continued support and most certainly the wonderful assistance of Pastor Frank, Pastor Rick and Pastor Gordon.

“A new heart, too, I will give you, and a new heart I will put within you.” Ezekiel 36:26

The Transition Team
Dee Rvden, Tim Hustad, Jim Thomas, Bob Metz, Susie Ellison, Darrell Timan, Joi Comstock, Pastor Frank and Pastor Gordon

Dorcas Highlights

The next regular meeting of the Dorcas Circle and Friends will be held on Wednesday night the 5th of May at 6:30 p.m. We will be making items for Mother’s Day for the ladies of the congregation. We also will be making yellow ribbon bows to distribute to the members of the church to indicate we are praying for the safe return of our troops from Iraq, including some of our own, Alan Comstock, Michael Guichard and others we’re unaware of or may yet go. We are asking that you place them on the outside of your home until everyone comes back to us safe and sound.

Planning ahead, our June meeting will be Wednesday night the 2nd of June at 6:30 p.m.


Pancake Breakfast

Saturday, May 8th
7:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

We would like this to be a mutual effort, with as many people participating as possible. We need men to cook and women to sell tickets and serve. We have contacted the youth to distribute flyers to stores and to place flyers in the doors of the neighborhood. We also hope they will hold posters out on Mast Blvd. Indicating our pancake breakfast while it is serving. Anyone who wishes to participate can contact Marie Freeman at 562-8335.

We will have door prizes to raffle off. Profits will go to the clearing fund deficit of the church. Let all your neighbors, relatives and friends know so they can stop by. Tickers will be $3.50 at the door.


Council Highlights
April 2004

The April council meeting was held Wednesday, April 31st in the Acts Center.

Members will be notified of the new pastoral schedule for the summer months of June, July and August. Cutbacks are being made due to the shortage of money available. Stephen Ministers will be trained to give home communion and will take over as much as possible in the absence of Pastor Frank. We will return to our current status in September.

The congregation will receive a letter in regards to the reduction in the 2004 budget that has come about. This is due to the cutback in the pastoral schedule and xouncil making all attempts possible to cut costs. The reduction is approximately $21,000.00.

Pastor Frank stated we need to work on paying off our clearing fund deficit. Dorcas Circle has pledged $2400 for the year ($1300.00 has been given to this date.) The school has pledged $2500 and anything else they can help with.

Transition Team reported they have contacted church members who did not pledge yet. They are planning an event for the congregation on May 23rd.

Nextel has proposed placing an anenna here, similart to the proposition that was lost with AT&T. Darrel Timan is looking into this for us.

Respectfully submitted,
Marie Freeman

Road Rage

An honest man was being tailgated by a stressed-out woman on a busy boulevard. Suddenly, the light turned yellow, just in front of him.

He did the right thing, stopping at the crosswalk, even though he could

have beaten the red light by accelerating through the intersection.

The tailgating woman hit the roof, and the horn, screaming in frustration as she missed her chance to get through the intersection with him.

As she was still in mid-rant, she heard a tap on her window and looked up into the face of a very serious police officer.

The officer ordered her to exit her car with her hands up. He took her to the police station where she was searched, fingerprinted, photographed, and placed in a cell.

After a couple of hours, a policeman approached the cell and opened the door. She was escorted back to the booking desk where the arresting officer was waiting with her personal effects.

He said, "I'm very sorry for this mistake. You see, I pulled up behind your car while you were blowing your horn, flipping the guy off in front of you, and cussing a blue streak at him. "I noticed the 'Choose Life' license plate holder, the 'What Would Jesus Do" bumper sticker, the 'Follow Me to Sunday School' bumper sticker, and the chrome- plated Christian fish emblem on the trunk. Naturally, I assumed you had stolen the car."


Starlight Theatre Time

For those of you that had a great time last year, it is time to mark your calendars, make plans and join the fun. For those who didn’t come last year, don’t miss this great way to give money to the church. Look for more information next month, but in the meantime, Bill Thomas and Bob Reid are working hard to make this possible.

Triumph of love          Jun 24th
Damn Yankees              Jul 15th
Music man                        Aug 12th
Sweeny Todd                   Sep 9th

Be sure and keep these dates clear for a super fun time! Bring your friends, relatives, neighbors, etc.


Bouquets of Appreciation

For Jim Thomas in volunteering with the kindergarten and first graders in tutoring them in reading.

To the new format of the church web page with photos and the pastor's sermons. We even were able to hear the Easter Cantata again. What a blessing to be able to refresh ourselves this way.

To De Ryden's boundless energy in organization, cleaning, and painting.

A special thank you to Pam Myers and Pastor Rick for accompanying 4 of our youth to the Youth Quake in Anaheim. Everyone had a wonderful, marvelous experience and are ready to go again.

Thanks to Kathy Darland, Nancy Ripple, and Ed Teichner in their faithfulness and Christian love during my long siege with Bronchitis from Ellie Timan.

For Boy Scout Troop 384's many years of helping at the church work parties. They've been helping out more than 30 years!

Thanks to Nancy Ripple and the Hustad family for their loving care and concern for Grace Otto.

Standing ovation to the Altar Guild who so diligently prepares the sacrament and altar for communion and the communion assistants that serve every Sunday.

This is a new addition to the Echo suggested by Ellie. If anyone would like to thank someone or some group, send the information to or drop it by the office.


The Synod Convention is in Riverside this year, May 13th to the 15th. Our lay delegates will be Bill and Mary Thomas. Both Pastor Frank and Pastor Rick will also attend.


If you would like to help serve the coffee after worship on Sundays see Nancy Funick. You can find her serving coffee after church.


SR. FELLOWSHIP meets at Anthony’s (La Mesa) at 11:30 a.m., Tuesday, May 11th. Join in for some good food and wonderful fellowship. For more information call either Grace Otto, 440-2456 or Nancy Funick, 561-7823.


+++REMEMBER IN PRAYER those who are affected by anxiety, depression, guilt, grief, loneliness, poverty, illness and in need of God’s healing and loving touch:

Members: Crystal & Rod Boisvert, Arlean Lane, Norie Feltner, Ralph Beyer, Gunda Richardson, Grace Otto, Ed & Marge Whitehead, Elsie Erion, Cole & Marie Freeman, Betty Keehn, Charlotte Kimbrough, Arnold Flurry.

NOTE: We currently have two prayer chains that can be easily activated by calling Mary Thomas, Prayer Chain Coordinator, 334-6457.

We will carry prayer requests for two months before removing names, unless there are longer term conditions that need our prayer support. Please let the Pastor or church office know if you wish to add to our prayer list.


Texts for the Sundays in May:

May 2nd           4th Sunday of Easter
Acts 9:36-43, Rev 7:9-17, John 10:22-30

May 9th            5th Sunday of Easter
Acts 11:1-18, Rev 21:1-6, John 13:31-35

May 16th         6th Sunday of Easter
Acts 16:9-15, Rev 21:10, 22-22:5,
John 14:23-29

May 23rd        7th Sunday of Easter
Acts 16:16-34, Rev 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-21,
John 17:20-26

May 30th      The Day of Pentecost
Acts 2:1-21, Rom 8:14-17, John 14:8-17


May Ministers

Acolyte: 2- Brian Meyers 9- Anna Bloeman 16- Ericka Davis 23- Louie Quintinella 30- Kristin Naour
Assist. Minister: Bethany Timan
Coffee Fellowship: 2- Stephen Ministers 9, 16, 23, 30- Nancy Funick, Laura Vaughan, Janice Davis
Communion Assist.: 2, 2- Bruce Potocki & Sylvia Smith 16, 23, 30- Darrel Timan & Sara Paulsen
Communion Care: Sue Lisowsky
Edgemoor Hospital Worship: 23- Neil Johnson
Greeters: 2, 9- Kris Francis & Jennifer Brown 16, 23, 30- Bethany & Katie Timan
Lector: 2- Laura Vaughan 9, 16- Jim Thomas 23, 30- Eleanor Timan
Nursery: TBA
Sound: 2- Tom Davidson 9- Randy Catron
16- Tom Davidson 23- Jeremy Hustad
30- Tom Davidson
Stephen Minister of the Day: 2- Carol Davidson 9- Ellie Timan 16- Ed Teichner 23- Jim Thomas 30- Bill Blue
Ushers: Darrel, Jeanna, Eleanor, Bethany & Katie Timan, Joi Comstock, Bob Metz, Gloria & Tommy Wiley


May Anniversaries

2         Ron & De Hill

4         Darrin & Chasity Forster

19      Greg & Janet Roach

26      Stephen & Sara Paulsen

27      Richard & Betty Maxa


May Birthdays

1          Rudy Flores
Michael Aughenbaugh

3          Susan Lisowsky
Tayler Hildebrand

4          Victoria Grant

7          Amber Montague

9          Ed Whitehead

10       Nancy Funick
Brittany Stevens

11       Caitlin Arndt

13       Brison Tompkins

17       Charlotte Kimbrough

19       Carol Davidson
Dylan Roach
Anna Bloeman

21       E. Doug Karge

23       Amanda Jones

24       Cody Cummings

25       Michele Strand

26       Byrna Haynes
Kris Morrison
Benjamin Timan

27       Robert Metz
Julie Judd

29       Christine Freeman
Austin Hildebrand

31       Marsha Setzer

Spotlight on Hymns

“Thine the Amen, Thine the Praise” WOV #801

“Alleluia! Jesus Is Risen” WOV #674

Text: Herbert F. Brokering, b. 1926


Our congregation frequently sings both of these hymns during our worship service. “Thine the Amen, Thine the Praise” was during communion on April 25, and “Allelulia! Jesus Is Risen” will be our gathering hymn on Mother’s Day, May 9. Perhaps not many of us have noticed that both were penned by the same author, Herbert F. Brokering. If you look through our hymnals, you will also find that Dr. Brokering wrote two other hymns that we use regularly, “Stay With Us” WOV #743 and, in LBW, #558 “Earth and All Stars” which shares the same melody with WOV #674.

Dr. Brokering is a Wheatridge Ministry Associate and serves on the Alumni Council of Trinity Lutheran Seminary. While there is not much biographical data available on the internet for him, the volume of work this author has produced is truly amazing. In addition to hymns and poems, Dr. Brokering has published 42 books, several children’s books and some with very intriguing titles. Among his body of work are:


Cat Psalms: Prayers My Cats Have Taught Me

I’m Thinking of You: Spiritual Letters of Hope and Healing

Angels Love Children: Stories, Poems, Prayers, and Other Family Fun

Making Room for Christmas: Preparing a Place for the Christ Child

Unto Us Is Born: Christmas Conversations with the Mother of Jesus

Love, Dad: Letters of Faith to My Children

Hello, Night!: Healing Thoughts for Sleepless Nights

and Dog Psalms: Prayers My Dogs Have Taught Me is to be released in July 2004


All of these are available through In addition, this inspiring Easter Prayer is posted on the Wheatridge website (


Lord, send me a surprise.

One that catches me off guard

and makes me wonder.

Like Easter.


Send me a resurrection

when everything looks dead and buried.

Send me light

when the night seems too long.


Send me spring

when the cold and frozen season

seems endless.


Send me an idea

when my mind is empty.

Send me a thing to do

when I am just waiting around.


Send me a new friend

when I am alone.

Send me peace

when I'm afraid.


Send me a future

when it looks hopeless.

Send me Your resurrection

when I die, Jesus.


by Herbert Brokering,

Wheat Ridge Ministries Staff Associate


Submitted by Leslie Atkins




M - O - T - H - E - R

M” is for the million things she gave me,

O” means only that she’s growing old,

T” is for the tears she shed to save me,

H” is for her heart of purest gold;

E” is for her eyes, with love-light shining,

R” means right, and right she’ll always be.

Put them all together, they spell


A word that means the world to me.

--Howard Johnson (c. 1915)


The History of Mother’s Day

Mother's Day in the United States will be celebrated on Sunday May 09, 2004. One the best way to celebrate Mother's Day is to give your mom the day off. Let her take it easy and relax while the rest of the family does the work.

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day? The earliest Mother's Day celebrations can be traced back to the spring celebrations of ancient Greece in honor of Rhea, the Mother of the Gods. During the 1600's, England celebrated a day called Mothering Sunday. Celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent, Mothering Sunday honored the mothers of England. During this time many of the England's poor worked as servants for the wealthy. As most jobs were located far from their homes, the servants would live at the houses of their employers. On Mothering Sunday the servants would have the day off and were encouraged to return home and spend the day with their mothers. A special cake, called the mothering cake, was often brought along to provide a festive touch.

As Christianity spread throughout Europe the celebration changed to honor the "Mother Church" - the spiritual power that gave them life and protected them from harm. Over time the church festival blended with the Mothering Sunday celebration. People began honoring their mothers as well as the church.

In the United States, Mother's Day was first suggested in 1872 by Julia Ward Howe (who wrote the words to the Battle hymn of the Republic) as a day dedicated to peace. Ms. Howe held organized Mother's Day meetings in Boston. every year.

In 1907 Ana Jarvis, from Philadelphia, began a campaign to establish a national Mother's Day. Ms. Jarvis persuaded her mother's church in Grafton, West Virginia to celebrate Mother's Day on the second anniversary of her mother's death, the 2nd Sunday of May. By the next year Mother's Day was also celebrated in Philadelphia. Ms. Jarvis and her friends wrote to ministers, businessman, and politicians in their quest to establish a national Mother's Day. They were successful and by 1911 almost every state celebrated Mother's Day. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Mother's Day as a national holiday that was to be held each year on the second Sunday of May.

While some countries also celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May, many countries of the world celebrate their own Mother's Day at different times throughout the year. In the UK, Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the 21st of March.



Submitted by Leslie Atkins


Reel Theology – What’s This?

For those of you who are perhaps not aware of this small group ministry, our Reel Theology group meets monthly, generally on the first Sunday of the month, at the home of one of our participants. After a shared evening meal, we have a lively discussion about a movie that was selected at the previous month’s meeting and that we have all viewed independently during the month. Usually a few of us have purchased the movie and are willing to share, or you can rent the video from any of our neighboring video stores. Some of our previous discussions have included: Whale Rider, Bruce Almighty, The Pianist, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

This month we meet at 5:00pm on May 2 at the home of Jim Albright, 10150 Kerrigan St. (corner of Kerrigan and Alphonse), to discuss The Rabbit Proof Fence. Burgers, buns and condiments will be provided. Please bring a dish to share.

Plan ahead for June 6 when we will be discussing Finding Nemo at Rich and Jean Setzers’ as a Father’s Day special.


Volunteers needed for Altar Guild (Communion Care)

Help wanted-Openings available immediately!

A little history first, though.

Altar Guilds are a relatively new ministry for lay people, dating from the last half of the 19th century. Their roots, however, may be traced back to the earliest history of the church. In the early days of the church, the duty of caring for the altar and sanctuary was the responsibility of the priests and attendants. Later, care of the vessels, books and buildings were assigned to several "minor orders" of the church, including monks, nuns and lay people.

Today some Catholic churches still assign these duties to nuns. In most churches, however, these duties are now performed by a dedicated group of lay volunteers, known as the "Altar Guild" or “Communion Care” ministry. These people work diligently behind the scenes to make sure that everything is in place for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. They launder and care for the altar linens, set out the wine and the bread, prepare the candles and set up for Sunday worship.

Here at Carlton Hills, volunteers for communion care have always been few. Currently only two families have committed through the time and talents to perform the important task of preparing communion for our whole congregation every week. This means that each family takes on the responsibility for a month at a time, every other month. In many churches, there are enough volunteers that each only has the job one time a month every few months. As with anything, the more that carry the burden, the lighter the load.

Please prayerfully search your hearts to see if you can help with this important ministry. Charlotte Arthurton can provide you with more details regarding the duties. Please see Leslie Atkins for scheduling


Children and families of K-6th graders (God's Gifts)

Saturday, May 29th Noon-3:00pm

Come to a family picnic at Mission Bay Beach with the children and families at Hope

Bring your sand castle building toys for a sand castle contest

There is a playground near!

Call Jennifer at 466-5586 and tell her what you will bring to the picnic